Alpha Signal Seven


And so we start at the back
Just like we always do
I don't know where to begin
So yeah, I made a mistake
And you should give me a break
But you keep rubbing it in

If I'm a dead man, who is the bad guy?
Who is the love bite, who is the black eye?
And if I hold you, you throw a hissy-fit
It is a pox and I don't want to hear about it

You pin your hopes on me
Pin your dreams on me
Pin your hopes and dreams on me
Hang it on your star

So don't believe this is it
I can't believe this it
I can't believe it's the end
Here's what I wanted to say
With nothing in my way
Except for you and your friend

What have I told you?
She is a rigid whore
A piece of street trash
And not a bit more
It is alive now
This thing inside of me
It has been fed on your insecurity

The blind are leading the stupid

And when I told you I knew why
For what it's worth I was lying
If you can't hear me
It's cos I'm breaking up...

Rip. Scar. Spit on your star.

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