Crushed Under The Weight Of The Enormous Bullshit


Weezer Used To Be Well Good
Third Album Blues
Ray Charles Is Going To Burn In Hell
Ray Charles

I can still remember
When I first heard the riff
That opens 'Nevermind' up
My neck-hairs stood up stiff

And since those first discoveries
I've tried to recreate
The feeling I had back then
But nothing sounds that great

Please give me an album
That I love straight away
That I don't have to grow into
After constant play

See, I buy a lot of records
And take most of them back
'Cos I feel that disappointment
After just one track and

I can't move on...

Last band stole my heart
Was Every Time I Die
I loved every second
But now three years gone by

When I heard 'Worship and Tribute'
I thought my dreams come true
But listening to most other bands
It seems they all did too

(I don't like these rays
These rays are so light
The rays are light
Razorlight, razorlight, razorlight, razorlight...)

All this eighties indie
Sounds like shit to me
'Cos I don't like Joy Division
I don't like Morrissey

Or their new impersonators
The kings of MTV
Suckling at the teat of
The fucking enemy

I can't move on.

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