Christmas Is Awesome (Single)


Released as a single download-only track on the 17th of December 2007, Christmas is Awesome was a semi-serious stab at the coveted Christmas number one spot. Realising that there was a distinct gap between their September and January tours, the band decided that something should happen in the meantime to keep their profile up. It was suggested that they try and record the heaviest Christmas single ever, and make sure that it was about how brilliant Christmas is, instead of the usual gripes about 'having to be nice' and 'commercialism' that are often heard. In order to get it out to radio and TV stations in time for the Christmas week release, the band elected to record new, Christmassy lyrics over the original vocal takes on a b-side called 'Rockandfuckingroll' they had recorded at the Biggg Tree sessions. As one can imagine, the original lyrics were no great loss as the song is hardly a classic. Sleigh bells were added, along with a choir of children singing the chorus, who also appeared in the video that was hastily thrown together at drummer Guy's house by the Leftside. The video was a huge initial success, with Youtube views topping 100,000 on the first day, and it was hoped the radio stations would pick up on the effort to provide the UK with a different sounding Number One. Sadly this was not to be, although the music press, notably Kerrang, were very supportive of the single. In the end, disaster struck as an error in the VPL registration of the track led it to be disqualified from entry into the UK charts, and we never got that rocking number one.

Christmas Is Awesome 2007: [Studio] Christmas Is Awesome vocals

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