Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum'n'Bass A Rockstar Dies (Single)


Released on the 30th January 2006, three months after the band's second album, this limited edition vinyl-only single was the last in a set of four released by Xtra Mile Recordings, all featuring two tracks by different artists associated with the label. Reuben's track on the single was 'Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum And Bass A Rockstar Dies', their tongue-twisting epic lifted from VFVD, and it shared A-side duties with Frank Turner's 'The Real Damage', his first solo release since the break-up of Million Dead. Although the idea was that this would be a proper single release, as it had been intended that Reuben would release a fourth single from the album after its release, it was only half-heartedly treated as such and didn't benefit from any real promotion. The single received little if any radio play and the absence of any budget for a video meant TV play was impossible. Whilst not a success for Reuben, a look at the current artist roster for Xtra Mile and at the career of Frank Turner would suggest that this single was nonetheless a worthwhile venture.

Everytime a Teenager Listens To Drum n Bass a Rockstar Dies 2005: [Studio] Album sessions: Very Fast Very Dangerous

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