Blamethrower (Single)


This was the first track to be released from Reuben's second album, available only as a download, a first for the band. Inevitably, opinion was divided on this, the first new Reuben track to be heard since the release of the first album the previous year, but the brutal new track did get lots of plays on Radio One and made video of the week on MTV2 in February 2005. The band wanted to release something quickly and easily for fans and newcomers to hear in the gap between the first album and the warm up for the second, and it was agreed that a download single before the 'proper singles' would be best. It was prepared so fast that the band and Chris Sheldon, along with album engineer Ryan Maunder had to take a break from mixing the album so they could run into the kitchen and stand around the radio, listening to Zane Lowe play the first track off the record they were still making!

Blamethrower 2005: [Studio] Album sessions: Very Fast Very Dangerous
Freddy Kreuger 2003: [Studio] Album sessions: Racecar Is Racecar Backwards

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