twobythree (EP)


This EP of six tracks was the first Hideous Records release to feature other bands. The idea came about when the band decided that they didn't want to release just another single, and also, after hearing some recordings that their friends Baddies had made with INWT producer Sean Genockey, they started thinking about ways in which they could help their chums out in terms of radio play and tour dates. They decided to temporarily break the 'no other bands' rule for Hideous Records and made plans to release a split single with two tracks from each band. The single would be backed up by a tour featuring both bands. However, when it became clear that a third band would be needed for the tour it was decided to find one that would agree to participate in the release and bump it up to six-track EP, featuring two tracks by three bands, hence 'Twobythree'. The Ghost Of A Thousand had been recommended to the band by their agent, whom they shared, and by manager Barney, whom they didn't. 'Ghost' agreed to the EP and the tour, so all that was left do was arrange a limited license with the band's label Undergroove for the two tracks in question. Reuben's contribution to the EP was a version of lead album track Cities On Fire and a recording of one of their oldest and most sought-after tracks, the extended version of Shambles. The EP was limited to 500 copies in shops and 1000 to sell on tour.

Cities On Fire 2006: [Studio] Demos for record labels 2006
Shambles (Long Version) 2008: [Studio] Shambles (long)

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