In Nothing We Trust (Album)


Released on CD and download in June 2007, Reuben's third album was recorded in three London Studios in December the previous year, and was the first full album to be arranged, paid for and released by their own label, Hideous Records. It had been a difficult album to put together for many reasons, the main one being that at the start of proceedings the band had no label behind them. Further to this, the high level of touring that had sprung up after the second album left very little time for the writing and rehearsal process, and upon their return home, tensions in the band made rehearsals difficult. As a result, although it was rehearsed as tightly as possible, it was the only one of Reuben's albums not to be demoed by the whole band, instead relying on songwriter Jim's home demos for reference. Many songs, including 'Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin', 'An Act Of Kindness' and 'We're All Going Home In An Ambulance' had been in gestation since before the second album was recorded. Most of the material on the record was of a darker and more aggressive tone than the previous two albums, with many of the songs featuring the long/complicated structures that many fans had found missing on the second. By way of contrast, the album also featured some of the band's poppiest moments, including their first piano-led song 'Agony/Agatha' and the first track to feature an acoustic guitar on any of their albums, 'Good Luck'. In terms of musicianship, the songs pushed the three band members to the limits of their meagre abilities, with some moments approaching math-metal complexity. Reuben had heard Engerica b-sides 'Detective Show' and 'Now Or Never' from their friends in the band and learnt that they were produced by Sean Genockey, who had engineered their album 'There Are No Happy Endings'. Impressed by the sound, they arranged to record demos of two new tracks with Sean and engineer Jack Ruston in Ruston's Wimbledon studio, Soul Valley, in the summer of 2006. Footage from this session was included in the '...Aldershot' film. Pleased with the tracks and engaged by the Genockey and Ruston, the band took the demos on tour and duly agreed to record the third album with the pair upon their return. Following an intense period of refining and polishing the songs, they then recorded the backing to nine tracks over four days at Livingstone studios in Wood Green before repairing to Soul Valley to complete recording and then to Genockey's own studio, Black Dog in Worcester Park, to mix. The two demos recorded in the summer, Cities On Fire and Agony/Agatha, were partially re-recorded and mixed with the rest of the tracks for inclusion on the album. The record was blessed with 'guest' performances from Million Dead singer Frank Turner, Hundred Reasons guitarist Paul Townsend and notably Hannah Shark of Aldershot band Arthur, who sang joint lead vocals on Reuben's first bona-fide duet, Good Luck. The sessions were not without the usual frustrations but were overall a happy experience, as is documented in the 'Studio Diary' videos that were uploaded to the band's website after each day of recording, a common practice for many bands but a first for Reuben. The videos, which would become more and more complex and absurd as the month long venture continued were extremely popular, later included as an extra on the '...Aldershot' DVD and can still be seen online here. The album was released to critical acclaim from both the online and paper press, with many critics noting its complex and aggressive sound, many heralding it (perhaps somewhat unfairly) a return to form for the band. Kerrang, called it " articulate, intventive beast of a record: a monster truck destroying everything in its path.." and placed it thirteenth in their top 100 albums of 2007, and it even made 'Metal album of the month' in mainstream rock magazine Q, who called it "spiteful, sarcastic and inventive". The band were very happy with the record, admitting in one interview that it was "...blatantly our best one...", and it sold out of its initial pressing run within weeks, making it a significant success for a tiny record label run essentially by the three band members and their manager.

Cities On Fire 2006: [Studio] Demos for record labels 2006
We're All Going Home In An Ambulance 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Suffocation Of The Soul 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
An Act Of Kindness 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Crushed Under The Weight Of The Enormous Bullshit 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Good Luck 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Agony/Agatha 2006: [Studio] Demos for record labels 2006
Three Hail Marys 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
Blood, Bunny, Larkhall 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust
A Short History Of Nearly Everything 2006: [Studio] Album sessions: In Nothing We Trust

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