Recorded soon after Betrayed at the university studios with Richard Wheatly, who engineered and produced Me vs. You. Some of the tracks had originally been recorded in the Betrayed session but were not used so new versions were recorded. Much heavier than the last few demos. Never really circulated very much because tracks 3 and 5 were largely unavailable.

1. Miffy in Auschwitz
3. Ways of Staying Pure
4. Doll Fin
5. Dreyfuss


Recorded in 1999 for free, during the night, at the Surrey University studios by students doing the Tonmeister course. Back then the band was just Jon (17) and Jim (16) with Jason Wilcock on drums, who went on the record the band's first album.

The recordings aren't great, but they were good enough to get the band the gigs they needed and it was their greatest acheivement thus far. It even got put on the Tumbledown Dick jukebox!

Of the tracks, one (Death Of Star) resurfaced on Reuben's first proper EP, Pilot, and the other four tracks have since been re-recorded for release as B sides on Reuben singles. So now you can all moan about how much better the original recordings are! These songs are all Reuben songs really, as the band have always maintained that Angel were pretty much the same band, just with a different name.

By clicking on the link to the left, you can download all the tracks and the artwork for the both the cover and the CD so you can print them out if you like! Enjoy the demos, and remember - it's only six years between this and Return Of The Jedi!

1. Glitterskin
2. Death Of A Star
3. Enemy
4. No Exit Wound
5. Victim


Recorded in 1998 at the Surrey University Studios in Guildford, engineered and produced by Richard Wheatly. This was the first demo recorded as ANGEL, even though they were still called ANGELBREAKER at the time, a few months after forming. Songs still had some obvious grunge influences showing through but it's generally quite good. Some punk stuff on it though.

1. Bite Me
2. Abort
3. Satan Machine
4. Spank The Monkey
5. Broken Halo
6. Steven
7. Remedial Screw
8. Jo's Bosoms Are My Friends
9. Self
10. Waiting

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